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Most of the problems or even scams occur while payments are made to the moving company. Finding a reliable moving company is itself a hectic activity. So, it is exceptional that a person tired after a long research makes mistakes during payment proceedings. However, these payments can really become your cup of tea if you understand and follow a few guidelines.

1) Always make a complete draft of the payments you have to make after the services of the moving company. For this purpose you will have to:

1a) Ask the moving company about the payment modes. Always make sure that the company will receive payment after the fulfillment of services.
1b) Check the rate tariff very carefully. Check out if there are any extra charges to be made, or the tag of 'conditions apply'.
1c) Ask the company about the charges of every service individually. Make sure that you do not have to pay for a service which was not essential to be rendered.
1d) Clear your mind about the insurance services and charges.

2) Check your affordability status with respect to the total payment.
3) Negotiate with the company about the payment. Always keep a margin for concessions.
4) Always check the list of your items twice. Cut out the unrequired items as much as possible.
5) For the unrequired books, kitchen accessories and utensils, you can contact a nearby library or a wholesale store. You can also dedicate such stuff to an orphanage.
6) If it's a planned move, then check the season. The charges of almost all the moving companies are higher during the on-season. However, during off-season, not only the rates are low but you can also get as much discounts as you want.
7) You can take a trailer on the rent for your large items.
8) Hire a moving company only when you are ready to move. Pack your stuff and avoid storage charges.
9) Most of the companies might ask you to pay extra charges for special packing or safe delivery of special items, like electronic appliances etc. Talk to the company about these charges and if they require you to pay these, then add them into your final rate list.
10) Always make sure that the discount you are seeking is on 'final list' containing all the charges so that you do not have to pay any other charges you didn't really know about.
11) Always move at the given time. If the time does not fit your schedule, so you can ask the company for a different time before signing in the document. A late move can compel you to pay extra charges.

Moving Man and Van is a patent moving company in the present-day scam world of the moving companies. We are committed to the quality and customer satisfaction, and therefore have trained our teams as eperts of safely moving your items to the desired areas. We offer very cost-effective rates and provide a complete information of the payments to the customers, so that they do not suffer any payment laps after the services.