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House Clearance
House Clearance

House Clearance

Moving Man and Van provide high quality services in house clearance through London. We have a team of professionals with well grounded knowledge on how to handle the customer’s unwanted items or appliances. Our service ranges from office clearance, business clearance to house clearance. Our professionals are neat at their and very careful while handling the items to be cleared, whether piece of broken furniture, pieces of art, unused cupboards or broken sofa sets.
Moving Man and Van house clearance service is not about just clearance rather we ensure that the goods to be disposed are absolute no use to our consumers. Pieces of treasure in form of paintings, or souvenir are well handled by our highly trained employees. Things that carry sentimental value are never disposed without our consumers consent. We are more than just a house clearance service provider. Unlike other players in the market in London we handle everything we a high degree of care.
Moving Man and Van house clearance service is eco-friendly; we do not dump waste anyhow. All the waste that we collect is appropriately disposed to agents who are licensed to handle waste. We care about the environment as much as we do care about our consumers in London.
Moving Man and Van has a policy that ensures house clearance service is re-cycle oriented. We promote recycling of all unwanted things that we collect from office clearance or house clearances. Pieces of furniture are disposed or rather recycled in second hand market. Consumers are also advised by the Moving Man and Van clearing team to give away clothes that they may not need.
Moving Man and Van ensures there are being cleared is left as neat and clean as possible. We are experts and leaders in London when it comes to house clearance services. We are available at all hours of the day and we guarantee thorough house clearance that is devoid of any unwanted material. Moving Man and Van ensures no items or pieces of furniture are lost and a record of where the disposal has taken place is available in case there is need to retrieve a piece of treasure that has been accidentally disposed.
Moving Man and Van
house clearance service does not come at a huge cost. Main factors that determine our rate include the volume of work available, the value of goods to be recycled and the cost of disposing the items. But even with all this our London customers are assured of less than exorbitant rates!